Delivering competent tax planning solutions and tax relief services for businesses

Competent Tax Planning Solutions

Built on experience, integrity, and results, Weston Tax Associates assists small to medium businesses optimize their revenue, and lower tax liability, while putting more of their hard-earned money exactly where billionaires keep their money, back into their pockets.

Tax Planning

Minimize and optimize your tax exposure legally

Paying taxes is inevitable and can eat into your annual earnings. However, with proper tax planning for income, you can reduce your tax burden and end up saving more. At Weston Tax Associates we combine technology and business acumen in our tax planning strategies and deliver tips to save income tax to help preserve your wealth in these unpredictable times.

Tax Compliance

Fulfill required state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations

Tax laws can be quite complicated, especially in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Tax compliance means executing all tax obligations as specified by the state and federal laws freely and completely. Our network of competent professionals provides tax planning for income to businesses with an efficient way to help navigate their tax compliance workload with ease.

Tax Resolution

Assistance in settling tax issues involving the IRS

Negotiating with the IRS can be an excruciating task. Our experts will not only help you get back on track but we will also make sure you avoid being charged more than you owe. We devise aggressive strategies to manage, reduce or eliminate your IRS tax debt problems and assist you with managing your taxes with the tax loopholes that help the richest manage taxes.


Our team of seasoned experts has spent the better part of their lives delighting customers by delivering outstanding results. We are focused on bridging the gap between the increasing need for tax services and technology-driven solutions by legally reducing tax liability and assisting small and medium businesses in finding the tax loopholes that help the richest escape the tax burden.