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We are always looking out for passionate and solution-driven team players. Browse our open positions below to find your perfect fit.

If you don’t see a position that matches your skillset and/or interest but you still want to be a part of our team, reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know why we should hire you.


Tax/estate lawyer (partner)

Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 

accounting lead (Partner)

Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 

Tax Planners
Tax Planners

Tax Planner (associate)

Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 


accountant - R/e (associate)

Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 

accountant - retail (associate)

Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 

accountant - crypto (associate)

Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 



Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 


Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 


no openings

Full Time • Weston, FL/Remote 


Today’s environment is fast-paced, packed with information, and the expectation of constantly scaling to new heights. It seems as if we have lost the ability to think about how things impact us in our everyday life. Standing out for us is very simple – wanting to delight our customers beyond their wildest expectations starts with taking the appropriate time to explain and guide our clients through their “tax journey.”

Our company motto: “We’re not your grandfather’s accounting firm,” is something we take very seriously. We believe in fostering a culture and work environment to attract and retain the best talent. To accomplish this, we adhere to three fundamental tenets:

Everything Starts With You

To be the best person, spouse, parent, and employee possible – we believe in creating an individual mindset where all the essential aspects of your life are complete. Then, and only then, can you focus on being the best version of yourself.

Family "First"

Being there for your loved ones should be your priority. Missing the final baseball game of the season, leaving an empty seat at the recital, or failing to remember your wedding day is unacceptable. This way of thinking applies to both our employees and our clients.

Life-Work Balance

Nature is one of the best examples of how balanced things must be for everyone to thrive – we firmly believe that once we have all aspects of life sorted out, we can dedicate ourselves to our craft. The best balance is when our employees and clients are in complete symbiosis. These relationships often last a lifetime and will be cherished by everyone involved.

How Do We Accomplish This?

Our focus with perks and benefits is to offer everything our team needs to be and do their best. We emphasize developing the healthiest life-work balance and continue to build tax expertise and self-development.

Home Office Setup

Company provided Apple MacBook and iPhone + set reimbursement to set up your home office to your liking!

4-Day Workweeks

We take Fridays off and use these long weekends to recharge our batteries and come back refreshed on Monday, ready to serve.

Minimum Vacation

We require everyone to take at least six weeks of vacation every year.

Family Leave

"Family First" is in full effect when we allow all parents to spend the first six months with their new or expanded family.

Work Remotely

Delivering the best solutions for our clients is essential. Therefore, we allow you to live and work wherever you are at your best.

Health And Wellness

Monthly reimbursement for a gym membership, body massages, chiropractor visits, mental health therapy sessions, or anything you feel will improve your productivity.

Travel And Experience

We will reimburse up to $1,000 when traveling to experience new and exciting things. All we require, take fantastic pictures and tell us all about it.

Reading = Improvement

Access to company Kindle and Audible accounts - continuous self-improvement through reading and gaining new knowledge are the cornerstones to lifelong learning.

Commitment to Environment

We encourage all employees to drive EV vehicles, and we will reimburse your installation of a charge port in your house. Let's minimize our carbon footprint together.


We are a reflection of the customers and communities we serve. We believe in promoting a culture that is built on respect, cooperation and diverse perspectives. We are committed to solving the tax challenges of small to medium businesses and making impactful changes in the communities where we live and work.

Be The Best You

At Weston Tax Associates we create an exceptional work environment with consistent support, inclusive culture, and a celebration of achievements. Work alongside qualified and experienced professionals and be a part of something bigger.


Build a career as unique as you are. As a member of Weston’s Tax Relief Services, you’ll develop deep technical knowledge about taxes, and the skills to develop and maintain innovative solutions that tackle the client’s specific tax challenges.


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